What is Riehl Simple?

We serve you with quality teething products and accessories. Our items are made with quality and are fun at the same time. The teethers, pacifier clips and necklaces are handmade.

Meet the Team


Meet Mary, the owner of Riehl Simple. She is a mom of six including a set of twin boys. A couple years ago, she needed a teether so she bought the supplies to make her own for her son. Mary started to make teethers for friends and family, and soon realized that she should start her own shop, and that brings us to today! Her favorite food is Mexican! She also loves baking anything sourdough. She favorite past time is spending time with her husband and children. She hope to someday travel the world with her children and husband, specifically Switzerland, where her family originates from. She was raised in the heart of Lancaster County, and speaks Pennsylvania Dutch, as most of her family is still horse and buggy Mennonite.


Meet Anita, who is one of our designers, a mother of 4 ranging from a teenager to toddler. She has two children who have autism which makes her a great resource for our sensory line. Being able to design and help make the products is perfect for her schedule; she does it in the comfort of her own home in and around her busy schedule. Anita’s favorite food is California sushi. Her favorite pastime is spending time with her family and hopes to travel the world someday, especially Switzerland.


Meet Tori, who is one of our designers, a mother to 2 teenage boys who keep her on her toes. In her spare time Tori enjoys visiting the elderly and home bound, she also loves to bless others with home cooked meals. Tori loves to be creative with colors and design teether’s and rattles. Simply Riehl has been a great stress relieving activity for her and a source of extra income to fuel her cold brew coffee addiction.


Marilyn manages our website, social media, administrative duties and anything else needed for Riehl Simple.  When Marilyn is not working for Riehl Simple, she is busy running her own businesses, being an aunt to a tribe of nieces and nephews and volunteering for her local church.  One her favorite past times is traveling and being creative.  Marilyn’s favorite food is a taco.